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Video Minutes (Bandwidth)

How does Lightcast account for Bandwidth?
Lightcast is eager to make everything as easy and transparent for our clients as... more
What is the Bandwidth Accounting Progression Key?
While other CDNs charge for data-volume transferred and make most of their money... more
How should I calculate expected bandwidth usage?
What are important factors to consider when projecting bandwidth usage in order ... more
When does the Video Minutes usage start?
It starts whenever someone views your content - whether on your ConnectedTV Apps... more
How much bandwidth do I need?
It depends on your viewership. If you don't know your viewership yet or you have... more
How can I purchase more Video Minutes?
Log in to your Lightcast Account and scroll down to the "Usage" box on your Dash... more
Can I get purchased Video Minutes refunded?
Unfortunately a refund of Video Minutes is not possible due to a variety of reas... more
Do the video minutes of my service package roll over into the next month?
Package-Minutes (included in your subscription) are credited concurrently with e... more
At the end of the contract year, do the minutes then reset or are they carried over into the next year?
Package-Minutes (included in your subscription) are credited concurrently wit... more
I purchased too many Video Minutes. Can Lightcast “buy them back”?
Yes, on certain conditions and on a case-by-case basis. The buy-back program of ... more
What is the reason for occasional views-spikes on certain platforms?
It is not uncommon that in certain regions or for certain devices there are spik... more
What is the difference between annual Video Minutes and monthly Video Minutes?
It's very simple: it just depends on your selected payment plan. Video Minute... more
I am using more Video Minutes than my monthly plan includes. What can I do?
If you end up falling below 0 with your Video Minutes we won't just charge you a... more
My Video Minute usage has increased lately. What could be the reasons?
The reason for the increase of Video Minute (Bandwidth) usage is always the g... more
Why are my Video Minutes not credited to my account?
The only reason why video minutes would not be added to your account is because ... more
Do we have to buy additional Video Minutes if we add additional publishing properties?
Any bandwidth used by viewers (on any connected property) is accounted for in th... more
Why does my LIVE Channel consume video minutes although nobody is watching?
If you haven't embedded any of your live-players on your website, then the Video... more
Is the fee to purchase additional Video Minutes a recurring fee or a one-time fee?
The fees for purchasing additional minutes through your Media Cloud's Dashboard ... more
Do you have a plan with billable minutes based on usage instead of prepaid minutes?
Since a lot of clients prefer to have full control over their minutes themselves... more
Why do my channels still consume video minutes although they are offline?
It is due to our system continuing to deliver feeds to selected OTT/ConnectedT... more
Why do my channels still consume video minutes although I deactivated them?
If a live-encoder loses internet connection or is shut off without first endin... more
Why can I view my stream on a TV App when I have a negative video minute balance?
The reason that Lightcast allows this is because we want to protect your video... more
Does Lightcast deduct Video Minutes for videos which are in loading state, buffering or have only been viewed partially?
Just like all other CDNs and hosting providers, Lightcast has to charge for used... more
We seem to have more views and bandwidth consumption during our live-streams than expected. What could be the reason?
1. An unexpected increase in viewership. Live events could be shared, promoted... more
Can third-party players I publish to influence my viewership statistics and bandwidth usage?
The OVP’s own Video Player is the only player which is programmed and managed by... more
What could be the reason for the unusually high bandwidth usage during the first months of my new subscription?
Your public videos and live streams are watched all the time by viewers on vario... more
I am trying to verify the "per minute" bandwidth usage. How do I read the stats correctly?
Please keep in mind that viewing stats are usually posted in accounts and stats ... more
I watched my video in SD quality but used more video minutes than actually watched. What's the reason?
Using more video minutes than actually watched has to do with buffering. In orde... more
Why are live streams with bitrates above 1 Mbit and video files in HD resolution charged with more streaming minutes?
While other CDNs charge for data-volume transferred and make most of their money... more