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How can I remain logged in to my Lightcast Account?
As long as you have cookies enabled in your browser you will remain logged in at... more
Can I receive a refund or financial compensation if the CDN was offline?
Financial compensations or refunds can be granted on a case-by-case basis if a... more
Who is responsible for paying license fees when broadcasting music to our publishing properties?
The publisher (Lightcast Client) is always responsible for the content he/she ... more
Why does my Trial Channel not include all of the features of a full Service Packages?
The Service Packages are loaded with many different features and come with an en... more
Which payment features can I have integrated on my website via PayPal?
PayPal is not a payment processing solution which allows for integration on a we... more
How do I upgrade my service subscription to a larger service package?
It only requires an email to customercare@lightcast.com or an email to your Acco... more
Do you offer a white-label player (non-branded)?
We take it even a step further: we custom design and program a player for you wi... more
Is there a way to combine an existing cross.tv account with a new Lightcast account?
We cannot merge an existing CROSS.TV (http://CROSS.TV) account with a new Lightc... more
My videos receive more views than expected. What could be the reason for it?
In general a view is not the same as viewers. 1 viewer can technically create a ... more
Can I use the same email address for a second Lightcast account?
Unfortunately not. Each Lightcast account has to have a unique email address for... more