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Do you have a plan with billable minutes based on usage instead of prepaid minutes?

Since a lot of clients prefer to have full control over their minutes themselves and to buy them at a highly discounted rate, Lightcast's streaming packages come with a basic bandwidth plan (like with any other CDN and OVP) - similar to cellphone plans (and pretty much any type of data/hosting plan). From there each client purchases the minutes needed in addition. Prepaid minutes are a lot cheaper than if we were to bill a different amount to each credit card retroactively. Clients would most likely be frustrated and complain why the retroactive and automatic billing to their credit card is higher than they would have hoped and expected, as it would vary every month and you would not have any idea on how much to actually budget and what to expect. We want to avoid that and give our customers full control, making them aware of their bandwidth consumption ahead of time, giving them the opportunity to purchase discounted bandwidth on purpose, rather than just charging more expensive minutes  to your card for the previous month (which is what frustrates many churches with other CDNs and OVPs who do that).

This way you have the option to purchase larger amounts of prepaid minutes at the lowest possible rate whenever you want to. In comparison to an automatic charge to your credit card for minutes used in the previous month it is a lot cheaper for you and less frustrating. It also gives you the option to decide whether to upgrade to the next larger plan or to simply purchase a larger buffer of eternal minutes instead. It gives you the control most of our clients are looking for. This is one of the many reasons clients move to Lightcast from other CDNs (like Akamai, Brightcove or Limelight) and OVPs (like Ooyala, Kaltura or 316 Networks) - because they are looking for that fairness and control to decide which basic plan to go with and when to purchase which amount of discounted bandwidth in order to avoid surprising overage and constantly changing bandwidth charges to their credit card each month.