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Why does your Web Uploader have a 3GB limit?

The 3GB limit is the standard file size limits for most web-uploaders (on most video platforms), due to the stability issues of browsers (and when uploading through a regular browser you are subject to these stability issues). This limit is not enforced by us, but by many browsers limitations to handle larger files properly and to resume interrupted uploads without corrupting the files. For this purposes the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was designed and we are offering FTP Upload Service at a small fee for:

1. Large file uploads in excess of 3GB per file.

2. Bulk uploads.

FTP Upload is the only secure way of upload larger files or file batches as the uploads are handled properly with locally installed software tools (a so called "FTP Client”) which, in contrary to browsers, have been built specifically for upload handling.

If you would like to upload larger video files, please ask for the FTP Upload Service. It establishes an FTP connection between your hard drive and our upload servers (cutting out the browser, as you would be using an FTP client software instead).

More information can be found here: www.lightcast.com/services/upload-service