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Which type of customizations are feasible for my ConnectedTV Apps?

First of all, please keep in mind that ConnectedTV Apps are built on each platform’s (app-store’s) template framework and that not all customizations are possible. TV Apps are not a website which can be designed and programmed to look and function in any possible way. TV Apps are also a lot more limited than mobile apps, simply because the device manufacturer and their app-store wants to ensure that: 

1. Their users have a consistent experience across all TV Apps on their platform, and the look and feel between TV Apps in their app-store do not drift apart from each other to strongly

2. Their users do not have to learn navigation, or unique feature sets, for each new app they download, install and open

3. Their core functionality - being video streaming - is protected and 100% functional at all times

4. Their device’s remote control can control all features of all apps which are live in their app-store (which is a highly limiting factor)

5. That their TV platform’s core purpose remains the core purpose: a TV streaming experience (with as few distractions or navigation complexities (thus potential user-frustrations) as possible) 

If you would like to know if your change-requests can be realized, which ones would get approved and what they would cost to change or build, please send an email to customercare[at]lightcast.com