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Payment & Billing

How can I change my credit card you have on file?
You can manage your payment preference within your Lightcast.com (http://www.li... more
What is the reason for Lightcast's contract durations?
There are several reasons for why Lightcast works with service contracts with sp... more
Can I use a different credit card for a single payment of my current service subscription?
Yes, you can update your credit card information at any time within your Lightca... more
Why did my Lightcast subscription expired and with it all my broadcast outlets?
The reason why a Lightcast subscription automatically expires is because payment... more
Where do I find my invoices?
Your invoices are stored in your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com/) accou... more
When upgrading to a larger service subscription, do you prorate the remaining days of the current billing cycle?
Yes. When you upgrade to a larger service subscription, our super-smart accounti... more
My package subscription payment bounced and I had to buy additional Video Minutes. Do I get refunded?
Lightcast can't refund already purchased video minutes. According to the Terms o... more
Why is my subscription automatically extended after the initial subscription period?
We don't want to interrupt your service and prematurely end your conversations. ... more
Why do we need to pay the monthly subscription amount although our ConnectedTV App aren't live yet?
1. Your subscription is not just a Roku/FireTV/AndroidTV/AppleTV hosting solutio... more
I wasn't aware of the automatic renewal of my contract. I'm not using my Lightcast package. What can I do?
Just like with any other service subscription such as telecom, mobile or util... more
Why are invoices not created ahead of payment?
Invoices are always created automatically with a payment and stored in the respe... more
Can I pay by check or wire transfer?
Just like all other internet service providers with service subscriptions, month... more
Can I downgrade my Service Subscription during a contract period?
Downgrades can be requested and become effective with the next contract renewal.... more