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Why did my Facebook Live Broadcast end suddenly?

Choosing to distribute your Lightcast LIVE Channel Event to Facebook means that your livestream will be distributed to Facebook from your Lightcast Media Cloud Account (Control Center) while distributing to many other optional publishing platforms and channels at the same time. In the course of the distribution process your stream will be delivered via the Lightcast CDN and the Facebook CDN simultaneously. While there are similarities in the types of live media content supported by Lightcast and Facebook, there are some restrictions on the Facebook platform which may cause interruptions in your stream and might even ultimately end a Facebook Live event prematurely.

First of all it is critical to keep in mind that Facebook reserves the right to enforce it's Terms and Policies for automated media publishing. Facebook reserves the right to allow, or disallow, specific content or livestreams at its own discretion. For example, streaming copyrighted content may be censored by the Facebook Rights Manager and it is up to Facebook’s software-automated monitoring, as well as manual human monitoring, to evaluate and deem content as copyright-infringing. A social network like Facebook has to play it safe and as a result may be more restrictive than initially expected. Streaming content deemed as copyright-infringing (or even sensitive) can result in termination of your Facebook Live Event, or worst case, even your Facebook Account without notice. Please refer to Facebook's Terms and Policies to evaluate whether or not the streams you intend to publish to Facebook are in compliance with Facebook’s copyright rules. 

Please also note that unlike publishing to your own website and apps, publishing to Facebook is not a right, but merely a possibility as long as these sites allow it. All streams go through reviews and through an approval process before going live. We have seen an increasing number of live streams from Christian organizations aborted, blocked and simple censored. Restarting your encoder may sometimes trigger a new approval process which may end up in front of a different reviewer who may let the stream go live.

If streaming your Live Events to Facebook is a priority to your overall media and marketing strategy, then staying away from content which even remotely might appear as copyright-sensitive or violating community standards is highly recommended.


Facebook's platform also recommends specific encoding settings and restrictions which Lightcast may not enforce. Using the LightcastOVP & CDN gives you ultimate freedom and numerous options which may, or may not, be supported by selected platforms you intend to publish to - such as Facebook. For example: Lightcast offers much more flexibility in regards to your custom bitrates, resolutions and other live-encoding settings. Facebook is not an OVP but a social network and naturally has exercised much greater control over its website, thus enforcing much more restrictive settings. Should you choose to deliver your LIVE Event to Facebook, please ensure that the encoding settings you use to send your stream to Lightcast match the requirements of Facebook in order to prevent Facebook's CDN from dropping your stream, or from loosing certain bitrates you are sending.

More information about Facebook's Encoding Settings can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/get-started/live#live-video-specs

Changing of event metadata, times, titles, descriptions should never be done on Facebook, but through your Lightcast.com account only, as it can cause issues and suddenly end the stream. 

Find more valuable information and recommendations for live-encoder configuration in the Lightcast Encoder Setup and Live Streaming Guide: http://www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration (Please make sure to be logged in to your Lightcast.com account to see the Live Streaming Guide).