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Live Streams in 24/7 Scheduler

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a Tip of the Week about the 24/7 Cloud Scheduler. Click here to read the full article. This week we would like to point out a specific feature of the Cloud Scheduler which might be of great benefit to your organization when broadcasting live events.

This specific feature is called “LIVE” in your Cloud Scheduler and allows you to schedule and ingest a live-stream into your 24/7 stream from your live-encoder, interrupting your 24/7 stream. The LIVE ingestion feature switches to your ingested live-stream from your encoder at a specific day and time and then back to your scheduled linear stream. You can select from pre-defined event durations (from 5 mins to 120 mins) which you can drag and drop to your scheduler to set up a date and time for your live broadcast (e.g. live events, live news broadcasts, live seminars, live concerts, live webinars, etc.). Alternatively you can define a custom time-frame to match your event’s duration exactly.

Please keep in mind that, if you don’t send a stream form your encoder during the time of a scheduled live-event, your 24/7 stream will be interrupted, with nothing showing on your players, as there is nothing else scheduled during that time.
You can make changes to your 24/7 Schedule for the following day or future days. Same-day changes are not possible as the Playout System has to lock in the schedule at midnight..

In order for your live streams to be broadcasted through your 24/7 Channel, please make sure to copy and paste the unique Server URL and Stream Key from the 24/7 Channel into your live encoder before the live stream starts. You can find the Server URL and Stream Key when clicking on “Broadcast” in your 24/7 Channel Manager page. A one-time setup fee may apply for the configuration of the “LIVE" feature in your 24/7 Channel.
How to schedule a live stream in your 24/7 Cloud Scheduler