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Storage & Transcoding

Why is high-end, premium transcoding so important in order to conserve bandwidth?
Through different file renditions, compression optimization, and the bitrate-ada... more
What are the disadvantages of bandwidth accounting in GB, TB and PB?
Bandwidth accounting in bits & bytes is really problematic and provides a lack o... more
How can I calculate how much transcoding I need?
It is the total size of all transcoded renditions together - meaning: the file y... more
How long does it normally take to recalculate the remaining storage space after a video file has been deleted?
The remaining storage space recalculates immediately. Please keep in mind that ... more
Do my LIVE Streaming Channels consume storage space or transcoding?
No, LIVE Streaming Channels don't consume storage or transcoding space. Only upl... more
Is the add-on price for additional Transcoding a recurring fee?
The prices displayed in your Control Center for additional Transcoding are one-t... more
Does the Remaining Storage balance bar renew with the beginning of a payment period?
The "Remaining Storage" Bar in your Lightcast.com Control Center does not renew... more
Can I download media files from Lightcast?
The download of individual media files is not possible because every upload has... more
I want to add more storage space to my Lightcast account. Why is it a monthly cost?
Purchasing storage on a server can be compared with the rental of a specific squ... more
Are original files being deleted from the Lightcast.com servers?
The Lightcast.com (http://lightcast.com/) CDN Storage is non-destructive - mean... more