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Lightcast EasyPay vs. PayPal - the pros and cons

Here are a few pros and cons about the two different payment options for your website:

In regards to fees:
If your monthly transaction volume is low (and you are not using Lightcast's Subscription Management Service for your media delivery), PayPal is a bit cheaper with its 5% commission (it flips with volume though). Please also keep in mind that there is 0 service on PayPal's end and every change on PayPal's end does require web development.

In regards to security and usability:
The secure payment forms of Lightcast EasyPay is loaded in an i-frame straight from our secure servers. The form is SSL secured and you can save the recurring expenses for the SSL certificate, as Lightcast EasyPay already provides it for the form on your site. Furthermore: Lightcast provides you with additional encryption security on its servers and in its payment Gateway.

PayPal is not integrated on your website, but merely linked to. Your website visitors will not fill out a payment form and create a payment profile for recurring payments on your website (feeding into a CRM database accessible by you), but will be directed with a link to PayPal. Therefore the SSL certification is not necessary on your website, as your donors will be required to have/ sign up for a PayPal account at PayPal's website. All transactions are done on PayPal's website, not on yours. PayPal receives all data of your donors and does not make this information available to you in a CRM system.

More information can be found here: www.lightcast.com/services/payment-processing