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Save on Transcoding and Storage #3

This week’s Tip of the Week is episode #3 of our current series on how to conserve video minutes, save on transcoding and storage and how to make money with your Channels. Read previous Tips of the Week at: http://support.lightcast.com/172845-Tips-of-the-Week 

Last week we talked about optimizing the file size/quality ratio of the video files before uploading. Another way to reduce storage and transcoding, while keeping the video quality high, is to upload videos with shorter durations (longer videos produce bigger file sizes of course). Don’t forget: viewers' attention spans decrease continuously. 

If you use Lightcast’s LIVE-to-VOD CDN-side recording of Live-Events for workflow automation, then you can use the cloud-trimming feature to cut/trim start-point and end-point of video files directly on our servers through the Control Center, before sending them into transcoding and onto the CDN storage. This way you can ensure that you are not transcoding and storing unnecessary parts of Live-Events which you could have removed. Of course, all your VOD files edited and exported on your editing suites locally are probably optimized in length already. 

See how the Cloud Trimming Feature works: