What is an video ad impression?
An "ad impression” of video ads is an “ad-view”, meaning, whenever a viewer view... more
Can viewers skip my videos ads?
Similar to YouTube’s player, the Lightcast WebPlayer shows a “Skip Ad” button to... more
Do OTT/ConnectedTV Channels have ratings (such as Nielsen ratings)?
There are no reliable ratings for OTT/ConnectedTV apps, but ratings are also obs... more
We would like to play a pre-roll video ad in front of our videos. Is that possible?
Yes, that is possible. There are basically 3 options you can choose from, depend... more
Is it possible to advertise on Roku?
There are basically two categories/advertising areas: public areas and inside ... more
Can we use pre-roll and post-roll videos to add disclaimers and advertisements?
Technically yes, but it is not recommended, because it eliminates your options... more
I have seen video ads on certain ConnectedTV Channels and apps. Who receives the advertising proceeds?
Certain ConnectedTV Channels and apps are ad-sponsored. Here is how it works: ... more
Do I have control over video ads on social platforms?
The quick answer is, no, each website owner controls the ads. If you are publish... more
Do I have control over video ads on my own websites and apps?
The quick answer is, yes, you do. Being the operator of your own websites and ap... more