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Is it possible to receive access to feeds and media sources without the LightcastAPI?

We allow our Clients to “resell” our services by selling airtime/space/publishing services within their apps - managed via their OVP accounts with us. This is one of the reasons for why we have a multi-channel OVP system.

We also allow our Clients to use our development services, or third-party web- and app-developers (or a combination of both) and to build any and all publishing properties they want and need, integrating all of their media from their LightcastOVP Control Center, with bitrate-adaptive high-performance delivery via our truly global Tier-1 CDN. For this purpose we offer the LightcastAPI.

We have a very large variety of different Clients, with different media products, goals and requirements. Many of our Clients are producers and publishers of copyright-sensitive content. For this purpose we offer the LightcastDRM services.

That said, access and flexibility for developers increases risk-levels automatically and contradicts security measures entirely. Therefore our LightcastDRM Service Level 2, with dynamic user token based security, is only available in conjunction with the LightcastAPI and access to media sources on the CDN (such as feeds, files, channels) are only included in the LightcastAPI as it is the only professional and secure way to provide such information to experienced developers like yourself.  Besides that, there are publishing properties, such as mobile apps, which might use RSS based feeds, but it entirely depends how those apps were build. Some developers want metadata information, such as thumbnails and descriptions, delivered along with the feed. For this reason developers always like to work with APIs which allows them to build exactly what they want. Please keep in mind that such access and tools can be destructive and contra-productive if placed in the hands of non-experienced developers or third-parties. While this may not be a concern in your case at all, it is for many of our Clients who don’t have developers on board at the necessary experience level. 

Therefore both DRM and API products are part of specific packages only, starting at a level which "weeds out” smaller entities which are most likely not prepared to utilize such services without the risk of damaging their websites and/or apps, or who may give staff members access to their Lightcast Account, who may not have the professional background to understand the sensitivity of API information and not to share it with third-parties.