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How can I enable the LIVE-to-VOD feature?
If you would like to enable this feature, please click on the LIVE Channel you w... more
How does the LIVE-to-VOD feature work?
With the LIVE-to-VOD feature, you can automatically record your live streams on ... more
How does Lightcast LIVE-to-VOD compare to other similar-sounding services of competitors?
We have taken cloud recording technology to a whole new level by allowing our cl... more
Will LIVE-to-VOD recordings start and stop only with the event times or will they record whenever we broadcast?
The recording will start when your encoder connects to the LightcastCDN and will... more
How long does it take for LIVE-to-VOD recordings to become available for transcoding as VOD files?
Generally it takes between 15-60 minutes. On some rare occasions, due to incre... more
Which quality will be recorded when using the LIVE-to-VOD feature?
The highest bitrate of your live streams will be recorded. If you stream in HD q... more
Where can I find my LIVE-to-VOD recordings in my Lightcast account?
Once the live stream has ended, your live recording will be available for transc... more
Why do I have to send my LIVE-to-VOD recordings into transcoding - just like a regular video upload?
There are several reasons why we require all LIVE-to-VOD recordings to be tra... more
Why are my LIVE-to-VOD recordings damaged or out of sync?
LIVE-to-VOD can only record what our servers receive. If there are any errors ... more
Can I use LIVE-to-VOD for linear streams?
An on-demand video file has a beginning and an end. To be able to record and sav... more
Is there a maximum duration for a LIVE-to-VOD recording?
While there is no particular maximum duration for LIVE-to-VOD recordings of Live... more