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How can I display Media Groups on my website?

Media Groups can be utilized on your website by using the LightcastAPI. This feature is included in larger packages (see www.lightcast.com/packages). It enables you to create dynamic media galleries from Media Group feeds and to populate custom thumbnail galleries and player pages, controlled via the LightcastOVP through the Media Groups Manager in your Lightcast.com account. This requires custom web development by your web developer.

Alternatively, you can embed each video/audio separately on your own, self-created pages of your website, building your own visual "grouping" by series, subjects or categories (by creating and designing pages for each Media Group via your own website CMS). Lightcast recommends to use the LightcastAPI for population of dynamic media feeds.

Please contact the Lightcast Customer Care department at customercare[at]lightcast.com if you would like to know more about the different options on how to display your Media Groups on your website or to receive a quote for website development.