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What are the requirements for broadcasting a 24/7 stream to my Roku Channel?

We recommend to send your 24/7 stream in multiple qualities to ensure the best user experience. If you are streaming your 24/7 stream only in high definition, some users with a slow or unstable internet connection would not be able to watch your stream without buffering/loading and disconnections. If you cannot send multiple qualities, we recommend to choose a medium quality such as 720k or 1880k. 

For multi-bitrate streaming, you have 2 options:

1. Multi-Bitrate Transmuxing: Transmuxes your ingested bitrate streams into a bitrate-adaptive stream to be published via bitrate-adaptive players. It requires the publisher to ingest multiple bitrate streams from the live-encoder. 

2. Multi-Bitrate Transrating: Transrates your ingested single bitrate stream into multiple bitrates. Ingest a high bitrate and we will down-convert it into multiple lower bitrates, serving it to bitrate-adaptive players. 

More information about Transmuxing and Transrating can be found at: http://support.lightcast.com/760187-What-choices-in-bitrate-adaptive-streams-do-I-have-as-a-publisher

Encoder Settings:

1. When streaming a 24/7 stream to Roku, please make sure to encode your stream with H.264 for video and AAC for audio.

2. Video and Audio Bitrate: The minimum recommended requirements are:
Video Bitrate: 800Kbps
Stereo Audio Bitrate: 128Kbps

3. The FMS URLs (IP Adress) for your encoder configuration are located in your Lightcast.com Account under “Control Center” and by clicking on one of your LIVE Channels. A link called “Broadcast” in the middle of the page opens the CDN access points and the unique stream key of the LIVE Channel. We recommend to choose the closest FMS URL to your location.

4. Please copy and paste also the dedicated Streaming URL to your encoder. The Streaming URL is different for each and every LIVE Channel. Please make sure to copy the correct URL for the appropriate LIVE Channel you are planning to integrate on Roku. The Streaming URL can also be found when clicking on “Broadcast”.

What Lightcast needs you to do before we implement your 24/7 stream to your Roku Channel App:

Please ingest your 24/7 stream(s) into one of your LIVE Channels located in your Lightcast.com account in order for us to be able to implement them into your Roku App and test them. Only with a working broadcast will we be able to send your Roku Channel into QA and submit it to Roku.com for review and approval.  This is true for all Publishing Properties we develop for you (e.g. FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV etc.).