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There is an upload error message every time I try to upload a video

If you experience upload problems when using one of the Web Uploaders in your Lightcast.com account, please make sure that:

1. Your video file size is below 3GB. The Lightcast Web Uploaders have a file size limit of 3GB. If your video files are larger than 3GB please order a dedicated FTP account at a fee. Your FTP account will accept files larger than 3GB and is designated for bulk uploads of 25 or more video files at once. Clients with large amounts of video files might want to consider to order a dedicated FTP account to save time and money. More info can be found here: http://www.lightcast.com/services/upload-service

2. You are not logged out of your Lightcast.com account. If you log out of your Lightcast.com account, the upload process gets interrupted and you need to start all over again. Please make sure that the option 'Keep me logged in' is checked when you log into your Lightcast account.

3. You are uploading a video file, not an image file (.jpeg, .gif, .png, etc.) or graphic file. The Lightcast Web Uploaders accepts almost all common video file types. A list of recommended video formats can be found on the video upload page.

4. You are using a stable internet connection and a cable instead of WiFi to avoid connection interruptions. Please check on www.speedtest.net if you have enough upload bandwidth available.

5. You are trying the upload with both available Web Uploaders, HTML5 or the Java uploader.  If one of them is not working for you, please try the other one.  The HTML 5 Uploader can handle file uploads easily on low or unstable connections, utilizing an auto-resume feature, should you temporarily lose your connection.  Please be sure to use a recommended browser, noted in Item #6.

6. When uploading your files via the HTML 5 Uploader, you are using it only with following browsers: Google Chrome 11+ or Firefox 4+ . If you do not have them available on your computer, please download them or choose the Java Uploader (make sure you have current Java loaded on your computer).

If you are still having trouble uploading your video(s), please submit a ticket with Lightcast Technical Support for assistance through support.lightcast.com .