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I want to add more storage space to my Lightcast account. Why is it a monthly cost?

Purchasing storage on a server can be compared with the rental of a specific square footage on the CDN so to speak. If your content lives in a 500 sf room, the rent is the same each month, but you don’t receive a new room every month, but you can rent an additional room if you need more space. If for example your plan includes 2TB of storage & transcoding space, the 2TB is the rented living space of your content on the CDN. All cloud storage works the same way: a specific amount of storage space is rented at monthly or annual payments. 
The term “Subscription” we use for ongoing services can easily be interpreted as the same amount of transcoding & storage being added each month. However, as with all CDNs and cloud storage services, storage space on servers is rented, not purchased. 
Ways to reduce the usage: one thing that can be tried is to optimize the file size/quality ratio of the video files through the use of optimized export/codec settings. Another one would be to upload videos with shorter duration (longer videos produce bigger file sizes of course). For that purpose we also offer a cloud-trimming feature, which allows to cut/trim start-point and end-point of uploaded (or recorded) video files directly on our servers through the Control Center, before sending them into transcoding and onto the CDN storage. 
If you would like to free up some storage space within your Lightcast.com account, you can remove old video files, or files you don't need anymore. 
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