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Can I change the order of videos in my channel player?

Yes, the order of the videos in the channel player can be changed through the "VOD Channel Manager". To do so, please login to your Lightcast.com account and switch to the "Control Center". Click on the VOD Channel for which you would like to change the video order and scroll down to the "Channel Playlist".

There are two-reorder features available to you: 

1. Arrow buttons: If you mouse over a video, you will see action buttons appearing on the very right side. With the arrow buttons you can move videos up and down to the video position you want them to appear in your video player.

2. Number field: The quickest way to change the order of your videos is by simply adding the number of the desired position into the video-number field on the very left side. We recommend using this feature if you have hundreds of videos in your video playlist and you would like to move videos e.g. from the very bottom to the very top of your playlist. 

Your changes are instantly updated on all your publishing properties your Lightcast account is connected with (Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Podcasts, Channel Player on your website, custom thumbnail galleries if you used the LightcastAPI, social network apps/channels, etc.).