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Do you support live streaming on Windows Mobile Devices?
Since Windows Mobile Devices don't support Apple's HLS, live streams are current... more
What type of feeds for ingesting a LIVE stream to the Lightcast CDN Access Points are supported?
The ingestion of any standard internet stream protocol, such as RTMP or HLS, fro... more
What is a Live Channel?
A Live Channel is a live-stream. Using multiple Live Channels allows you to send... more
When does my live stream start broadcasting?
As soon you are sending a stream from your live streaming encoder to your Lightc... more
Can I use the Lightcast Player and CDN to deliver an interactive 360 Degree stream?
Yes, Lightcast supports the ingestion and playback of interactive 360 degree str... more
We already pay for music rights. Do we have to pay additionaly when live streaming our events?
Churches or any organization who streams music usually pay a fee for use of musi... more
Can we live stream from a Tricaster?
Yes, you can live stream with a Tricaster. With the TriCaster, anyone can simu... more
I want to use a hardware encoder for live streaming. Which one does Lightcast recommend?
In general, all market standard hardware encoders would work, as long as they... more
How can we add mid-roll commercials to our 24/7 stream?
Mid-roll commercials have to be scheduled within the Playlist or 24/7 Scheduling... more
What are the settings for a hardware encoder vs. a software encoder?
It doesn't matter if you are using a hardware encoder or a software encoder. The... more
Why do my live-streams have to be transcoded?
Your live-streams received from your live-encoder are not compatible with all ... more
Is there a way our live stream can display pre-loaded videos when the stream isn't live?
Yes, that is possible with the Online Media Campus developed by Lightcast. The... more
Should I use a fixed-size player or a responsive player?
Choosing between the fixed-size or the responsive player depends greatly on the ... more
Can we disable the embed option on the Lightcast Players?
Yes, you can disallow viewers to embed your player on other sites. To remove t... more
What is the purpose of an "Event ID"?
Each Live Event scheduled on Lightcast has a unique ID. This is usually used fo... more
Why do we see higher views on days following a live-event?
For two reasons: 1. Your live events can inspire viewers to come back and watch... more
Which are the outlets/platforms I can publish my live streams to ?
You can publish your live streams on: * your website (by embedding the live s... more
How can I make my live stream available on CROSS.TV?
This can be done by enabling the publishing to CROSS.TV (http://www.cross.tv/) f... more
How can I receive statistics for a particular live event?
To receive statistics on a particular live event, you need to add a live event i... more
How will new viewers find our live stream?
Your potential viewers of your live stream can be informed about your live broad... more
Do you provide a thumbnail gallery for my future live events?
Yes, Lightcast provides several options to display your future live events, adde... more
Does the streaming URL change or will it stay the same?
No, the Streaming URLs for your live-channels do not change unless you specifica... more
Where can I change the share link for the live players?
Currently there is no way to change the URL that is displayed in the Share featu... more
Is it possible to receive the direct streaming links for mobile app and website integration?
Yes, of course. Larger LightcastOVP Accounts provide APIs and issues feeds for i... more
What if I exceed the concurrent viewer included in my package? What will the viewer see?
You will be notified by Lightcast Customer Care as you reach your concurrent vie... more
How do I find the Live Streaming Tutorial?
The Live Streaming Tutorial is stored in your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcas... more
How can I set up a backup stream?
Please login to your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com/) account and go... more
Why do I need a backup stream?
Lightcast gives you the option to send your stream either to one “entry point... more
What’s the maximum broadcasting bandwidth for my live streams?
In order to configure your broadcast and to select all broadcast parameters y... more
How can I find out what my internet speed is?
This area is critical since it has a major impact on the stability and quality o... more
The Countdown to my next live event is not displayed. What’s the reason?
Please make sure you have created a LIVE Event in your Lightcast “Live Channe... more
Can we deliver closed captioning with our live streams?
Yes, the LightcastCDN delivers closed captioning data provided by clients. Plea... more
Can I use my 30-day Trial Channel for live-streaming of a public event?
Your 30-day trial channels are not a full Service Package. They only contain bas... more