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Is inactive content being returned by the API?
Inactive content won't be returned by the API, as the API only returns active me... more
Is there a way to determine via the LightcastAPI if media content is active or not?
The LightcastAPI only returns active media items, as its purpose is to allow cli... more
Can I retrieve my ChannelAPI Keys using an API call to the LightcastAPI?
For security reasons, you will need to get your channel keys from the "Developer... more
Are there any limits to the number of items that may be returned with the "media" action of the LightcastAPI?
By default, the "media" action returns 30. Using the count parameter you can spe... more
How can I retrieve my most recent uploads using the “media” action of the LightcastAPI?
You can request new media by using the "order" parameter, which allows you to re... more
Do you provide direct streaming links for mobile app and website integration with the LightcastAPI?
Yes, of course. We provide APIs and feeds for integration in your websites and... more
Why is the LightcastAPI only included in larger packages?
We do allow our Clients to “resell” our services by selling airtime/space/publ... more
Is it possible to receive access to feeds and media sources without the LightcastAPI?
We allow our Clients to “resell” our services by selling airtime/space/publish... more