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Audio on Demand

How can I upload an audio file?
To upload an audio file please login to your Lightcast Media Cloud account and c... more
What happens to my audio upload if my internet connection is interrupted?
Lightcast has a built-in "auto-resume" feature that is intended to continue any... more
How can I share audio files to Facebook or YouTube?
You can either share an audio file by embedding the Audio Player for the audio f... more
Is it possible to receive an mp3 feed?
mp3 is a very old and dated codec and not widely supported across platforms an... more
Should I use a fixed-size player or a responsive player?
Choosing between the fixed-size or the responsive player depends greatly on th... more
Can we disable the embed option on the Lightcast Players?
Yes, you can disallow viewers to embed your player on other sites. To remove t... more
Is it mandatory to upload a thumbnail for each audio file?
While it is recommended to upload a thumbnail along with the audio file upload, ... more
What are the recommendable audio file formats?
The Lightcast Web Uploaders - available in your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightc... more
Can I change the pre-selected Player Background Image for my audio file?
Yes. Please login to your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com/) account and ... more
How can I embed the uploaded audio file on my website?
To embed a single audio file on your website, please login to your Lightcast.com... more
Is there a way for people to download our audio messages?
The audio streaming service is for streaming only and can't be downloaded. That ... more