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Is it possible to receive an mp3 feed?

mp3 is a very old and dated codec and not widely supported across platforms any longer. Therefore Lightcast.com does not support mp3 any longer, but instead provides M3U8 feeds. M3U8 is far superior than mp3 because it can be consumed on any desktop, mobile, or Connected TV platform. An M3U8 feed can be configured in conjunction with the LightcastAPI, which is included in Video Power X and larger packages for a small setup fee. 

If your apps and players are unable to utilize an M3U8 feed and you need an mp3 feed for some reason, then it is possible to set up a specific mp3 feed for you at a fee.

Please contact the Lightcast Customer Care department at customercare@lightcast.com if you would like to setup an M3U8 feed or any other feed for your Channel(s). 

Lightcast Packages and their included services can be compared on following page: www.lightcast.com/packages