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FTP Upload

Two weeks ago we explained how to upload videos via the Web Uploader in your Lightcast account. Today we want to show you how to upload large files and bulks of entire archives via your dedicated FTP account.
You can activate your FTP account by clicking on “Activate FTP Upload” in your Lightcast Control Center below the Storage balance bar. We will create your FTP account on a dedicated FTP Server and email you the account credentials. Once you moved your files from your computer to the FTP account, make sure you have enough FTP credits in your account and click on “Complete FTP Upload” when you are ready to send all files from your FTP account into transcoding. Once the transcoding process is completed, and all bitrate- and format-renditions stored on the CDN, your new VOD assets will show up under “Media Archives” where you will be able to add and modify metadata, graphics, channel assignments and publishing preferences.

To use an FTP server, you would need an FTP client such as FileZilla, WinSCP, Core FTP, etc. 


How to upload a video file through FTP: