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Media Groups

What are Media Groups?
Media Groups can be used on a variety of TV Apps (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, etc.) a... more
How can I create a Media Group?
The Media Group feature is included in larger packages. If your package includes... more
How can I display Media Groups on my website?
Media Groups can be utilized on your website by using the LightcastAPI. This fea... more
How can I ensure that a Media Group is only displayed as sub-category to one specific VOD Channel?
Videos are assigned to a VOD Channel and therefore Media Groups are displayed as... more
How can we display Media Groups on our ConnectedTV Apps?
Media Groups can be integrated on your ConnectedTV Apps, such as Roku, FireTV, A... more
What is the difference between Media Groups and Sub-Channels?
Media Groups feature: Are used to group programs/videos under a specific tag o... more