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I want a new website developed fast, flexible and with low risk. Can Lightcast offer efficient web development services?

Yes! We specialize in such projects. We understand that stacks of detailed spec docs are not always available and that changes need to be made throughout the development process. We also understand the need to get started with development quickly in order to launch as soon as possible. We also understand that it is often impossible to know up front how big a website ends up and that there needs to be room for creativity and innovation along the entire development process. New projects can produce a firework of ideas and new possibilities once launched. We want you to get everything and beyond what you are envisioning - prior to the launch of development, as well as throughout the entire building process. 

For such projects we recommend the flexible, fast and cost-efficient “Agile Development Process”. Here is how it works: 

1. We will send you a brief website survey, asking you a few key questions and giving you the opportunity to brief us on what you envisioned. Or you send us your specification document and scope of work required (such as existing wire frames or screen designs, spec docs, etc.).

2. We will look at your existing website and at reference websites provided by you. 

3. Based on the information we receive from you, we will estimate your project and recommend a highly discounted prepaid contingent of web dev hours (the higher the accuracy of the specs, the higher the accuracy of the estimate).

4. You decide how many prepaid hours you want to purchase (the more the cheaper).

5. Our experienced and efficient developers will record all of their time and share it with you via a shared cloud-based document, synced up weekly. It will contain the project’s roadmap, broken down into areas and individual tasks. You will be able to monitor and track the development of your project, seen through by our experienced project managers and developers from start to finish.

6. Throughout the entire development process, at any stage, you can change the specifications any time, add/remove features, change graphics, everything. 

7. We offer to buy-back any unused hours, or keep them in your account for future projects, extensions or webmaster services.

There is no risk to you and the process is greatly enjoyable, safe and agile. Inquire today on Lightcast’s Agile Development Process by sending an email to consulting@lightcast.com