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Subscription System (SVOD/SLIVE)

What does SVOD mean?
SVOD = Subscription Video on Demand. It is a term used for a specific monetizati... more
Is Lightcast's SVOD service an account based or device based subscription?
Lightcast's SVOD service "Lightcast EasyPay" is a “Multi-Platform Subscription S... more
Subscription Model vs. Transactional Sales Model. What's better for ConnectedTV?
Transactional Sales Model Since OTT / ConnectedTV Platforms are not set up to “... more
Is it possible to offer a trial period for subscriptions?
Yes, it is possible to offer a trial month (30 days) for your subscribers. They ... more
Can we offer multiple subscriptions with different price tags in one and the same App?
Yes, that is possible. Lightcast can configure e.g. a basic subscription with a ... more
Multi-Platform Subscription System or In-App purchases - whats better?
While for the end-user an In-App purchase might look more practical at a first g... more