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What is the reason for Lightcast's contract durations?

There are several reasons for why Lightcast works with service contracts with specific durations:

1. You can compare Lightcast's service packages with other service vendors of at least twice the costs. Lightcast's service packages are more than 50% below industry standards among leading OVPs with global tier-1 CDNs. In order to keep our rates this low we have to be able to count on accounts long-term and not invest into the consulting, setup and support of accounts which are taken offline again quickly.

2. Many of our clients publish to a variety of platforms, such as web, social, mobile and ConnectedTV platforms. Most ConnectedTV platforms are looking for publishers who are in the business long-term. In order to protect themselves they can be reluctant to approve new channels which might just "goof around", "try to have a channel on Roku", but without the determined goal and strategy to operate their ConnectedTV Channels long-term. Therefore, Lightcast, provides the guarantee, that newly submitted channels and apps of our clients are under contract with us and have the proven intention to operate their channels long-term. This supports, secures and speeds up the approval process for new ConnectedTV Channels as well.

3. Lightcast's Consulting Team, Customer Care, Tech Support and Development Division all invest into each new account: time, energy, funds, the development of publishing properties, the provision of world-class support and the setup of your new account. These incurred costs at the beginning of your relationship with Lightcast.com are only recovered over time.

4. Lightcast.com offers a very high level of service, reliability, scalability and robustness, with an award-winning OVP and media management system and an advanced support system. Our Customer Care reps and our Tech Support work to understand our clients' needs and requirements and to support them with at the highest level. This requires a functional relationship with our clients and relationships are developed over time. We provide free trial channels and free registration of complimentary accounts on Lightcast.com during the due-diligence phase of our clients. Once a client decides to take us up on our offer and signs up with us, the due diligence phase turns into a development phase and business-relationship.

And the relationships with our clients almost always reach far beyond the initial contract periods: we are proud to have among the highest retention rates in our industry and love to serve our clients and support their growth any way we can.