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Can I schedule my content to be published on a future date?

With the Lightcast Scheduled Publishing feature you can easily schedule your content to be published to a channel on a future date.

Scheduled Publishing allows you to decide whether your content should be instantly live, or at a specific date which you can select. You can assign a scheduled publishing date when you either upload new content or when editing existing content.

Above your list of channels on the Upload/Edit page there is an option named "Channel Publish Date".  Simply choose "Publish on a specific date to the channels selected below" to activate the Scheduled Publishing feature for your video/audio.

If you want to publish your content to all of your selected channels on the same day, you can set a publish date for all of them by clicking the large calendar icon above your channel list.

If you want to schedule a publish date for each channel individually, you can simply click on the calendar icon next to the channel name. If you want to remove a scheduled publish date from a channel, hit the red X next to the date. This will cause the content to be published to that channel immediately.

When the scheduled publishing feature is active you will see the scheduled date for each channel listed next to the channel name in your channel list.

When accessing the Channel Manager page, you will see the word "scheduled" written in blue next to your media content, which indicates that this file is scheduled for publishing on a specific date. When moving your mouse over the blue 'i' icon, you will see more information about the scheduling, including the date when that content will be available on that channel.