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How does Lightcast.com track viewing stats and bandwidth usage?

It varies by publishing platform, but most devices send feedback to the delivery nodes (streaming servers in our CDN) about the exact viewing time and number of connections. What this means is simply that each viewer’s device tells our servers how long a stream has been viewed. Devices and players have progressed greatly over the past years and the stats we receive from devices today are very reliable. Newer devices on the market (such as new ConnectedTV devices for instance) may still improve their connections and stats feedback. Lightcast.com therefore tracks all usage directly on its delivery nodes as well. 

By continuously developing stats intelligence we strive for the highest accuracy on viewing stats in the CDN industry. Please note that we rely on the number of connections and the viewing time reported by each user device and that our abilities to ensure statistical accuracy is limited to the data we receive from user devices and publishing platforms. Lightcast.com cannot be held responsible for inaccuracy of viewing stats reported by devices / platforms and therefore has to hold itself harmless regarding errors in stats reporting.