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Are original files being deleted from the Lightcast.com servers?

The Lightcast.com CDN Storage is non-destructive - meaning we do not delete original files and transcoded files for 31 days. One reason for that is, that we had too many Clients having to re-upload files after discovering erroneous deletions or change in mind or circumstances which led to the need to republish deleted files. The discovery that files had been deleted from the CDN which actually were expected to remain there (or at least to have the option to publish them to live again at one click) has frustrated VOD publishing organizations.

If you are uncertain whether or not you may need a media file in the future, simply deactivate it, instead of deleting. Deactivation does not remove the files. 

If you wish to use Lightcast.com as offsite media file storage in order to protect and preserve your media assets for future recovery continuously, please inquire on our Legacy Preservation or Recovery Service.

We have discovered that the vast majority of files remain stored during the lifetime of the publisher’s use of the LightcastOVP & CDN anyways, and the recovery service of original files offers additional protection to publishers who regard this particular part of their Lightcast.com Package as offsite backup storage. 

Aside from offsite file backup storage, and the protection against erroneous deletion (which would result in more transcoding costs for re-uploading files), our Clients appreciate the ongoing maximum device compatibility standard of the LightcastOVP & CDN. To satisfy changing requirements, new devices and codecs (as well as increase in screen resolutions and bitrate demands among consumers), the periodical re-encoding of files is necessary which is only made possible because we keep original files stored.