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Why do we need to pay the monthly subscription amount although our ConnectedTV App aren't live yet?

1. Your subscription is not just a Roku/FireTV/AndroidTV/AppleTV hosting solution, but a very broad service package with numerous services instantly available, from the very moment you signed the Service Subscription Agreement inside your Lightcast Account.

2. An active video hosting subscription is required to upload media content to your channel(s), to upload your TV App graphics based on the platform's requirements, and your active Lightcast.com account allows you to upload title, descriptions and meta-information for your ConnectedTV Apps. Our TV App Developers need your uploaded media, graphics and submitted forms inside your Lightcast.com Account - with all uploaded video content already being transcoded by Lightcast's Premium Transcoding service into the file formats Roku, FireTV and other ConnectedTV platforms (and mobile platforms) require. This means: you need uploaders, the Lightcast Control Center, the Premium Transcoding Service, Storage and Bandwidth (for development, QA and the platforms review process) - which means: you need to have an active service subscription with all of these services ready from day 1.

Please keep in mind that we need at least 5 videos uploaded in each channel in order to be able to begin with the development of your TV Apps.

And last but not least: the video hosting subscription not only includes uploaders, Control Center, transcoding, storage and bandwidth required to develop your ConnectedTV Apps, but it also includes hosting of videos, audio files and live-streams for your website, embeddable VOD players, embeddable LIVE players, embeddable Audio players, a Support Center, Guides, Tutorials, Webinars and various other features as listed in the Scope of Service of your Service Subscription Agreement. All of these services are available for you to utilize instantly - from day 1 - and they are independent from the ConnectedTV Apps we develop for you. It is now up to you to utilize the services you need - whether that is only a portion, or all of it at once.