Which type of customizations are feasible for my ConnectedTV Apps?
First of all, please keep in mind that ConnectedTV Apps are built on each platfo... more
Why are video and audio out of sync when watching my content on a specific device?
Specific devices on the market, and their operating systems, cause an audio/vide... more
Why do we have to develop the required graphics for TV Apps on our own?
Developing the required TV App graphics by your graphic designer is an option. ... more
Does the activation of the DRM2 feature influence my ConnectedTV Apps?
The DRM2 feature does not affect your ConnectedTV Apps in any way. ConnectedTV A... more
How can people find us on Roku, FireTV or on any other platform?
People will find your app through the search function of the device by typing ... more
Is it recommendable to publish the same videos to all of our ConnectedTV Apps?
Yes, it is totally fine to use the same content on all your publishing outlets... more
I am entering certain meta-data on which isn’t showing up on some of my apps. Why?
Your ( Media Management Suite allows you to ... more
Can Lightcast implement a third party feed into our ConnectedTV Apps, mobile apps, websites or other properties?
Yes, the LightcastOVP can pull your HLS feed (m3u8 feed), transcode and ingest... more
How can I boost the viewership growth on my ConnectedTV Apps?
A. Activate & incentivize your existing following (TV viewers, online viewers, s... more
My package includes additional publishing properties. How do I receive them?
Please inquire on each outlet via your ( ac... more
Can I retrieve the number of app downloads in the Media Cloud?
This feature is not available due to technical limitations with third-party plat... more
Is it possible to integrate media groups on ConnectedTV Apps?
Yes, Media Groups can be integrated on ConnectedTV Apps, such as Roku, FireTV, A... more
How many Channels can we integrate on TV and Mobile Apps?
You can use all VOD/LIVE/AOD Channels included in your Lightcast package for del... more
We would like to add an additional navigation level to our TV Apps. Is that possible?
Yes, this is possible with larger Lightcast packages (see more
Will my ConnectedTV Apps be available worldwide regardless of countries and/or geographical regions?
Yes, that is the default publishing setup, unless you want GeoIP blocking instal... more
Is all my meta-data displayed on all apps/properties/devices?
No, while the Lightcast Control Center allows you to enter a great variety of me... more
Can I choose categories for my apps on ConnectedTV platforms?
It is entirely up to each platform’s app store management to decide in which cat... more
How long does the development of ConnectedTV Apps usually take?
Usually the development of any ConnectedTV App takes about 3-4 weeks, from the t... more
Does Lightcast create a TV App for each individual LIVE, VOD and AUDIO Channel?
A TV App includes either one VOD/LIVE/AUDIO Channel or multiple VOD/LIVE/AUDIO C... more
How do we find out if we received a single-channel or multi-channel App?
To find out which kind of TV App you received, please open your Service Subscrip... more
Why are there fees to add additional Media Channels to my mobile and ConnectedTV Apps?
Adding additional LIVE or VOD Channels to an App (Roku, GoogleTV, FireTV, iOS, A... more
Why are there update fees for changes of graphics on our mobile apps and ConnectedTV Apps?
Because it may require the involvement of graphic designers, programmers, projec... more
Is it possible to change my submitted TV App graphics during the development process?
Once you submitted the graphics uploaded to the App Specs Form, our developers a... more
How can we add more publishing properties?
Lightcast is eager to help delivering your content to as much publishing propert... more
Why do we need to inquire on included publishing properties?
The reason why we ask clients to inquire first before we start with the developm... more
Do we need to provide a player for integration within ConnectedTV Apps?
You don't need to provide a player for your ConnectedTV Apps (Roku, GoogleTV/And... more
Can we use pre-roll and post-roll videos to add disclaimers and advertisements?
Technically yes, but it is not recommended, because it eliminates your options f... more
I have seen video ads on certain ConnectedTV Channels and apps. Who receives the advertising proceeds?
Certain ConnectedTV Channels and apps are ad-sponsored. Here is how it works: vi... more
Why is it not possible to receive a copy of the TV App Code or have it transferred to a third-party developer account?
For the following reasons: 1. Unless specified otherwise by Client and written... more