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Do OTT/ConnectedTV Channels have ratings (such as Nielsen ratings)?

There are no reliable ratings for OTT/ConnectedTV apps, but ratings are also obsolete and unrelevant to OTT/ConnectedTV Apps, as there is no need to estimate/predict viewership numbers with OTT channels. Viewerships on OTT/ConnectedTV Channels are not just estimated numbers based on market-research and ratings, but instead counted by the servers which deliver the content and the ads. By providing both publishers and advertisers with hard-fact real-time stats of their viewership, OTT takes viewership evaluation and measurements a step further beyond the capabilities of traditional TV, rendering projections based on market-research and ratings obsolete. 
An additional advantage of the direct and real-time statistics available for TV content delivered via streaming servers (to OTT/ConnectedTV platforms such as Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV, SmartTVs or gaming consoles) is the possibility for advertisers to pay only for actual impressions/ad-views by CPM, rather than ad-placement at rates based on an estimated viewership by ratings.

With OTT/ConnectedTV: think outside the box, think beyond ratings. Think real-time viewing stats and cost-control through CPM-based billing, allowing advertiser to only pay for actual ad-viewers and to diminish coverage-waste.