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Live Encoder / Encoder Settings

Does Lightcast require or recommend specific Live Encoders for the use with its CDN?
Recommend - yes. Require - no. You are free to use any live-encoder that works f... more
Which settings are recommended for linear streams?
In order to make sure that your LIVE Stream will work on all the different devi... more
I'm experiencing encoder issues. Does Lightcast offer support?
We do offer 24/7 Support and remote management of our own encoder products, and ... more
Can Lightcast receive a RTSP stream pushed to it from a camera encoder?
Yes, as long as your camera encoder can send an h.264 encoded stream to one of o... more
How can I verify that the LightcastCDN runs flawlessly and that my encoder settings are correct?
Test it! Are you able to watch your own live-streams with computers and mobile d... more
What are the recommended encoder settings for Android compatibility?
When configuring your encoder and selecting your bitrates and resolutions - it i... more
What can we do if our live-encoder disconnects from the CDN frequently?
Please make sure to check following: 1. WiFi in the sanctuary: never allow an... more