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Save on Storage #4

This week’s Tip of the Week is episode #4 of our current series on how to conserve video minutes, save on transcoding and storage and how to make money with your Channels. Read previous Tips of the Week at: http://support.lightcast.com/172845-Tips-of-the-Week 

Before Christmas we talked about how to save on storage and transcoding by uploading shorter videos and using Lightcast’s cloud trimming tool. This week's tip is about reducing storage usage by just a click of a button: DELETE.  Yes, it’s that simple. ;)
To free up storage space, you can delete video/audio files from your Media Archive. Please keep in mind that only if the files are deleted from the Media Archive, they are deleted from your account and free up storage. If you decide to “deactivate” or “delete” videos from a VOD Channel, they will be unpublished from the Channel, but not deleted from your account, thus remaining on the CDN for use in other Channels or for instant re-activation or re-assignment in the future without the need to re-upload them. For that reason “deactivation” does not free up your CDN storage, but the “delete” function via your “Media Archive” does. Make sure to use the desired function.

How to delete video files: