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Can we live stream our event in multiple bitrates?

Yes, you can live stream your events in multiple bitrates if you have enough computing power and enough "maximum broadcasting bandwidth". The sum of all your streamed bitrates needs to be lower than your "maximum broadcasting bandwidth"(more on this at www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration#pt21). Streaming with multiple bitrates will support viewers with lower Internet connection speeds with a lower quality stream enabling them to watch without interruptions. At the same time, viewers with high Internet connection speeds and powerful CPU or graphics card processor are able to enjoy a high quality stream.

When streaming different qualities please also check the CPU usage on your encoding computer. Two or more parallel encoded streams can easily max out your CPU, which can lead to interruptions on your streams.

To set up your multi-bitrate streams in your Lightcast.com account, you need to dedicate one LIVE Channel for each bitrate stream. For example if you would like to stream in a lower quality, middle quality and high quality, you need to dedicate three LIVE Channels for the three quality streams. If you would like to stream only with two qualities, you only need to ingest your streams into two LIVE Channels. For each quality stream you need a dedicated LIVE Channel. We recommend to change the title of your LIVE Channels according to your bitrate or quality. E.g. "Your Organization Name - low quality" , "Your Organization Name - high quality" ).
More information on setting up a live stream with multiple qualities can be found here: www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration#pt21