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Conserve video minutes with 24/7

The next few Tip of the Weeks are dedicated to send you practical tips on how to conserve video minutes, save on transcoding and storage and how to make money with your Channels. Stay tuned!
Today we want to show you how to conserve video minutes with your 24/7 stream on your Connected TV Apps.

Being a cord cutter used to mean giving up access to 24/7 live news coverage or simply linear broadcasting which conveniently runs in the background and plays show after show without any viewer interaction necessary. With ConnectedTV platforms such as Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, SmartTVs, cord cutters now have an abundance of both on-demand and live-streaming resources available.

For the operator publishing linear 24/7 streams to ConnectedTV platforms is much cheaper than via traditional cable TV or satellite TV (we are talking about 6-7 $$$ figures in annual savings!). That said, the bandwidth consumption for linear 24/7 streams has to be factored in of course,  and can be greater than for simple VOD delivery. Still the cost is much (!) lower than with traditional cable or satellite distribution, but if you have a growing number of Connected TV viewers who keep the 24/7 stream running in the background for hours, it might plough through your bandwidth package faster than you expected, and you will have to either purchase additional minutes or upgrade to a larger package.  

Here are two things you can do right now in order to reduce bandwidth usage on linear 24/7 streams: reduce the delivered bitrates and request the “Time-Out Notification”. This feature can be added to your OTT/ConnectedTV apps and asks your viewers after a specific period of time, which you can define, if they are still watching. It pauses your stream until the confirm via their remote control that they are still watching.

Depending on your TV model you might have seen such a similar message on your TV screen after keeping the same TV Channel running for a while.

If you would like to order the Time-Out Notification for Linear Streams, please email customercare@lightcast.com.