Online Media Campus

We would like to have changes made to the live-chat on our Lightcast Online Media Campus. Can you change it for us?
Yes, absolutely. The default chat on your complimentary Online Media Campus is a... more
Do I receive an invoice when I make a donation?
Yes. You receive an invoice with your full donation amount which is stored in yo... more
Can the reference in the footer “Developed and hosted by” be removed from our Online Media Campus?
A reference to the developer in the footer menu is both a web wide standard a... more
Which features do I receive with my Lightcast Online Media Campus?
The specifications of the Lightcast Media Campus are entirely clarified by the s... more
Who receives my prayer requests?
Your prayer request will be sent directly to the operator of the Media Campus. A... more
Why do we need to pay to run banner ads on our Media Campus?
The Online Media Campus is a complimentary add-on to your Lightcast Service Pack... more
It is possible to remove the banner ads from CrossAds on our Media Campus?
Yes, we can remove the banner ads on your Media Campus at a fee. Please contact ... more
What happens when the live count-down is down to "0"?
When the live count-down hits zero, the Video-On-Demand library will automatical... more
I am not satisfied with the quality of the live-stream. It's breaking up all the time. What can I do?
There could be a variety of reasons: 1. The operator may be sending a bitrat... more
I switched back to the video on demand archive during a live-stream. How can I switch back to the live-stream?
You can switch back to the live stream by clicking on the "Switch to LIVE" but... more
How can I switch back to the video on demand archive during a live stream?
You can switch back to the VOD archive by clicking on the "Back to VOD" button a... more
The audio volume is too low. I can't hear the audio very well. What can I do?
1. Increase the audio-level on the Live Streaming Player, by moving your mouse... more
I would like to get in touch with the people I see on the screen. Who is creating the content on this media site?
The live-streams and video libraries are provided by the operator of this Media ... more
Viewers are posting negative comments on the live-chat of my media campus or website. What can I do?
Operating a live-chat feature on any website you will need a minimum level of to... more
Can the Online Media Campus be built into my website?
The Online Media Campus provided by Lightcast is an independent website, hosted ... more
Is the Media campus developed in flash? Some people with iPads and iPhones seem to have a hard time watching the stream.?
The Media Campus is a device responsive html page. The players are device-respon... more
I'm trying to watch the live stream but for some reason it's not working. What can be the reason and what can I do?
It can have several reasons why the live stream is not working: - the live str... more
I would like to make a few changes to the graphics on my Media Campus. Is this possible?
Yes, you can change the logo/favicon and background image anytime via your WordP... more