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Do I have control over video ads on social platforms?

The quick answer is, no, each website owner controls the ads. If you are publishing media to social platforms such as YouTube, dailymotion, CROSS.TV or Livestream.com, you have no control over banner or video ads the social platforms may place around your content, nor are users who share/upload media to social platforms entitled to a share of the ad revenue. 

Social platforms can provide valuable opportunities to reach additional viewers, but you have to accept their advertising around the content you upload to them. Some social platforms have advertising buy-out opportunities if you want to get rid of ads, or replace them with your own. Other social media networking sites are charging a fee to professional media publishers for uploading content to dedicated VOD or LIVE Channels on their platform and regard ad-placement as a trade-off. 

For further details about having to accept video and/or banner ads on social platforms - please refer to each website’s own terms of use.