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Why did my Lightcast subscription expired and with it all my broadcast outlets?

The reason why a Lightcast subscription automatically expires is because payment wasn't received within our three week payment period. Lightcast’s automated accounting system will retry your card several times within a 21-day window, notifying you about the bounced payments via email and about the automated deactivation dates. We recommend to take care of this well in advance to monthly or annual payment anniversaries for subscription services in order to avoid downtimes. 

As with any other OVP & CDN or even consumer tele-communication service with recurring payments, the accounting system behind is fully automated and follow similar standards of automated payment processing and auto-deactivation of accounts.

It is just important that the vendor communicates this in its Terms of Service, in its Support Center and FAQ articles and via automated email alerts to notify its customers about payment failures and auto-deactivation dates. Lightcast is following all of these compliances and provides a very high level of service in this regard, far above standards in this industry.

Just like with most other web-based services, our clients manage their payment preferences themselves within their Lightcast account (under "Invoices"). It is possible to add a new credit card at any time, but it is each client’s responsibility to always keep an active and sufficiently funded credit card (not debit card) available on file in their self-managed accounts.