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Which settings are recommended for linear streams?

In order to make sure that your LIVE Stream will work on all the different devices you are streaming to, we recommend following:

1. Use of a high-end hardware live encoder colocated in a professional data center with power backup, redundancies and sufficient bandwidth available.

Not recommended: low-end software encoders running on PC or MAC computers, located in an office or residential environment.

2. Delivery of multiple bitrates, including at least one bitrate below 1 Mbit.

3. If only one bitrate can be sent: send a bitrate well below 1 Mbit in your own best interest.

These recommendations have nothing to do with limitations of the global LightcastCDN, but with limitations of the publisher's encoder, network environment, internet speed - all factors around the live encoder - which is the weakest, and must error-susceptible, link in the chain of signal flow.