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Can I receive a refund or financial compensation if the CDN was offline?

Financial compensations or refunds can be granted on a case-by-case basis if a violation of our SLA has been verified and sufficient proof provided. The Service Level Agreement assures a 99% CDN uptime. The CDN offers a variety of safety precautions and redundancies (such as multiple publishing points and numerous delivery nodes). This is to ensure that a CDN is able to do necessary maintenance and server updates without being down for its users - both publishers and viewers. While selected servers may have maintenance windows, the strategy is always to work on CDN instances in cycles in order to ensure deliverability of streams and on-demand media at all times. It may require pointing a live-stream to a different publishing point and to use backup streams, but the CDN has to provide options and availabilities to its publishers at all times. Therefore, uptime does not mean uptime of every server, but of the overall CDN function: allowing publishers to ingest streams in at least one available publishing point (may require pointing encoders to a different publishing point in rare cases) and viewers to pull streams and on-demand content from at least one delivery point (routing & connection usually fully automated). That said, should our CDN have complete downtimes in excess of 1% of time within 12 months, publishers have the right to inquire on compensation according to the uptime guarantee of 99%.