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How Do I Reconnect A Google Service?

If you've updated the email address and/or password for the Google account managing a page/s, or other security settings, you will need to update this on social.lightcast.com before your posts will be processed by Google+. Also, if you're posting a high volume of posts within a short time, Google+ can throttle the connection which means you will need to reconnect.

To address this, please look to do the following:

1. Go to Services.
2. Select My Services.
3. Locate the Google+ service and select the Edit icon.
4. Select 'Reconnect to Google+'.
5. Follow the steps to re-link the account.
6. Click 'Update Account' so that your settings are saved.

If this does not allow you to post successfully to this Google+ service, please look to do the following:

1. Please visit the following URL and revoke access to social.lightcast.comhttps://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions

2. Then, try re-add the Google+ service from within your Social Media Management Suite

As the system will view the re-added service as a new service, please look to update the Service on any previously scheduled, queued or sent posts as otherwise these will still bounce back.

If your Google+ pages are all connected to the same Google account, you will only need to reconnect one Service to address this on all related Google+ services.