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What is the Support Center?
All questions around the software as a service – such as how to use your Control... more
Do I receive Phone Support?
Lightcast Service Packages are self-managed through the Lightcast Control Center... more
Do I receive Email Support?
Aside from self-managed digital media and social media publishing systems, certa... more
What Support requests are not covered by the discounted Service Packages?
* Questions on “How to use your Lightcast Control Center”. For this purpose v... more
I opened up a ticket but I'm not able to view the ticket or read the reply of the support team anymore. What can I do?
To be able to access the submitted ticket, please make sure to be logged in to t... more
I am experiencing technical difficulties. How can I use the Support Center?
1. Click "Login" and "Register" (please use your Lightcast Username and Passw... more
I need more information aside from the standard Lightcast services
Here are a few areas outside of your Lightcast Service Package for which we o... more