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Tips of the Week

FTP Upload
Two weeks ago we explained how to upload videos via the Web Uploader in your Lig... more
How to change Channel thumbnails
Your VOD/LIVE/AOD Channels in your Lightcast.com account are the very heart of y... more
Efficient Content Strategies: get more viewers
On average, you have about 10 seconds to capture and engage an audience before t... more
How to monetize your videos using TVOD
TVOD = Transactional Video on Demand. It is a term used for a specific monetizat... more
How To Monetize Your Videos Using AVOD
AVOD = Advertising Video on Demand. It is a term used for a specific monetizatio... more
How To Monetize Your Videos Using SVOD
SVOD = Subscription Video on Demand. It is a term used for a specific monetizati... more
Save on Storage #4
This week’s Tip of the Week is episode #4 of our current series on how to conser... more
Save on Transcoding and Storage #3
This week’s Tip of the Week is episode #3 of our current series on how to conser... more
Save on transcoding and storage #2
This week’s Tip of the Week is episode #2 of our current series on how to conser... more
Conserve video minutes with 24/7
The next few Tip of the Weeks are dedicated to send you practical tips on how to... more
Casting Videos & Live Streams
Have you ever watched a video or live stream on a mobile device and wished you c... more
Activate/Deactivate Media
Many of our clients appreciate the easy-to-use Lightcast interfaces and the flex... more
Live-to-VOD CDN Recording
We never had a Tip of the Week dedicated to our LIVE-to-VOD feature, so we thoug... more
Live Streams in 24/7 Scheduler
A couple of weeks ago we sent out a Tip of the Week about the 24/7 Cloud Schedul... more
Uploading Videos
Uploading a video to your Lightcast Media Cloud account is as easy as 1-2-3. You... more
Recommended video codecs and export settings
While there are numerous books, videos and tutorials online around recommended v... more
How To Re-Name A Channel
This week’s topic about how to re-name a Channel might sound redundant, but did ... more
How to find your Channel IDs
We hope you enjoyed our previous Tip of the Week about how to embed your uploade... more
How to embed your videos
The Tip of the Weeks are back from summer break! For all our new clients: Welco... more
Multi-Bitrate Live Streaming
When streaming live via Lightcast, you can either send single bitrates or multi-... more
24/7 Cloud Scheduler
This Tip of the Week is the last one in our 3 weeks series on linear streaming. ... more
VOD-To-LIVE Linear Loops
Last week we talked about how to ingest linear streams to the Lightcast CDN, whi... more
Linear Streaming
There are three types of linear streams: Ingested Linear Streams, Non-scheduled ... more
Recurring Live Events
If you Google “Time is Money”, the first thing Google shows in the search result... more
Adding a countdown
Adding a countdown to your scheduled live events is a great way to inform your v... more
Ingesting Live Streams
With Lightcast’s easy-to-understand Live Streaming Setup Guide, anyone can set u... more
LIVE Channels
This week we are starting an new series about LIVE Streaming, 24/7 Streaming and... more
Player Customization
With the Lightcast Player, the best choice for website integration of LIVE, VOD ... more
Last week we explained the magic about Media Groups and how they can be used to ... more
Media Groups
Media Groups are a great way to organize your video assets. They allow you to s... more
Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning (CC), sometimes referred to as “Subtitles", is the process to... more
Delayed & Scheduled On-Demand Publishing
With your Lightcast.com Media Management System, you have the flexibility to fu... more
Sorting Videos
At Lightcast.com, you have full control over your media…at any given time! Many ... more
Meta Information For Publishing
Last week we focused on meta information for SEO. This week we will point out th... more
Meta Information For SEO
Ever wondered how to get to Google’s first page of search results? While many of... more
Video Thumbnails
Are you looking for simple ways to improve your media content’s appearance on pu... more
VOD Channels
The VOD/LIVE/AOD (Audio On Demand) Channels in your Lightcast Account are essent... more
Upload Choices
One of the greatest advantages for using an OVP (Online Video Platform) with an ... more
Your Publishing Properties
With Lightcast’s best-in-class Multi-Platform Publishing System, you can enjoy t... more
Simulated Live Streaming
Today we would like to point out another powerful feature of the LightcastOVP wh... more
Live Event Scheduling
Increase your reach and boost viewership of your live stream events by using Lig... more
Media Stats Center
Who doesn’t love a good statistic? Decisions and strategies are often made based... more
Lightcast loves to send you gifts. The Lightcast eVouchers are a gift from us t... more
Overdraft Protection
According to eMarketer.com (http://www.emarketer.com), the time spent watching d... more
Best Gift Of The Year
The Christmas season is one of our favorite times of the year, filled with joy, ... more
Additional Contacts
At Lightcast.com we understand that certain email alerts might also be critical ... more
Publish To YouTube
The past two weeks we focused on the Facebook Publishing feature, showing you ho... more
Live Stream To Facebook
First, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, with lots of fun, de... more
Publish To Facebook
Your Lightcast Media Cloud allows you to publish your media files to many differ... more
Scheduled Publishing
With the Lightcast Scheduled Publishing feature you can easily schedule your co... more