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What to do if your encoding software reports a server connection problem?
Check on the route and on possible routing issues from your location to our serv... more
Troubleshooting - User Side
There are 5 major factors which can cause usability issues on the user’s end: D... more
Troubleshooting - CDN Side
You may wonder why “Server Uptime” is the only item on the list for this area. T... more
Troubleshooting - Publisher Side
There are 4 major areas which have plenty of failure potential: Capture Devices... more
My scheduled live stream is not available on mobile devices. What is the reason?
There can be several reasons why your live stream might not be available on mobi... more
I can't connect to Lightcast's Servers. What could be the reason and what can I do?
Your stream is being transmitted through many different routing points on its ... more
My LIVE player displays the image in an incorrect aspect ratio when playing in full screen. Why is that?
In almost all cases the reason is either: 1. The aspect ratio in the source... more
We received a feed for our live streaming channel but the feed returns an error. What can be the reason?
When a live streaming feed returns an error, it is most likely because there i... more
I'm experiencing encoder issues. Does Lightcast offer support?
We do offer 24/7 Support and remote management of our own encoder products, and ... more
If we experience Live Streaming issues, how can we reach out to Lightcast?
If you experience difficulties, the Lightcast Tech Support can be reached anytim... more
Viewers complain about low audio levels. What can I do?
What you can do on your end: * Try to increase the volume in your Live Stre... more
I'm trying to watch the live stream but for some reason it's not working. What can be the reason and what can I do?
It can have several reasons why the live stream is not working: 1. the live st... more
The audio volume is too low. I can't hear the audio very well. What can I do?
1. Increase the audio-level on the Live Streaming Player, by moving your mous... more
I am not satisfied with the quality of the live-stream. It's breaking up all the time. What can I do?
There could be a variety of reasons: 1. The operator may be sending a bitr... more