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Can we disable the embed option on the Lightcast Players?

Yes, you can disallow viewers to embed your player on other sites. To remove the embed code of the player, please login to your Lightcast.com account and click on the VOD, LIVE or AUDIO Channel you would like to restrict from re-embedding. Within the Channel Manager page, go to "Configure Channel" and de-select the option "Allow viewers to embed the player on other sites".  When de-selecting this feature, the embed code should disappear from your player. Please save your changes by clicking "Save Changes" on the very bottom of the page. You can do the same with all of your VOD, LIVE and AUDIO Channels.


If you would like to disable the embed code for a single video/audio player: Go to your Media Archive, mouse-over the selected video/audio and click on the "Edit" button which appears upon mouse-over in form of a "pencil symbol". There you can change all meta-information and publishing settings of the video/audio file. Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

If you desire to keep one, a selection, or all of your videos/audio files exclusively on your website and you do not attempt to grow your audience, visibility and to inspire viral sharing/marketing of your content - then please select the option "Publish this video on my website only" and make sure to restrict all other publishing and sharing options on the Upload / Edit Page.