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What are Media Groups?

Media Groups can be used on a variety of TV Apps (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, etc.) and mobile apps as subcategories within your VOD Channel, adding an additional navigation level to your publishing properties. Please contact customercare@lightcast.com if you would like to enable Media Groups for your TV Apps or mobile apps. With the LightcastAPI (included in larger packages as seen on www.lightcast.com/packages/) you can place your media groups on your website through dynamic feeds.

You can use this feature to:

1. Group videos in a channel by topics or themes

2. Create and manage sub-categories in your TV Apps, mobile apps or on your website

3. Tag videos with a specific topic or theme (a "common denominator" of a specific number of videos within a channel)

4. Organize your videos within a Channel and make the navigation in your TV Apps and mobile apps more user friendly. Especially if you have more than 20 videos in a VOD Channel, the Media Groups feature helps viewers to better find their content of interest. 

Media Groups don't belong to a specific VOD Channel. They are independent from VOD Channels. Videos can be assigned to one or multiple Media Groups and all your Media Groups are available for assignment for all your videos. The advantage is, that videos from across multiple VOD Channels can be assigned to one or multiple Media Groups. 


There are 2 options for Media Groups to be displayed as sub-category within a VOD Channel:


1. If a Media Group like e.g. "My Sub-Category 1" should be displayed only within one VOD Channel, only assign videos from that specific VOD Channel to the "Sub-Category 1" Media Group.


2. If the Media Group "My Sub-Category 1" should be displayed across multiple VOD Channels, e.g. to "My VOD Channel 1" and "My VOD Channel 3", you would have to assign videos from "My VOD Channel 1" and "My VOD Channel 3" to that specific Media Group. 


Watch a video on how to create a Media Group: http://support.lightcast.com/559805-Media-Groups

Learn the difference between Media Groups and SubChannels: http://support.lightcast.com/094108-What-is-the-difference-between-Media-Groups-and-Sub-Channels