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When does my live stream start broadcasting?

As soon you are sending a stream from your live streaming encoder to your Lightcast LIVE Channel, the stream will be broadcast to your connected publishing platforms, such as your website, your Roku App, your AppleTV App etc, provided the LIVE Channel is embedded/integrated. Some publishing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube or FireTV require to schedule a “Live Event” with a start and end time before you start streaming. 

In general we recommend to always schedule a "Live Event" with a start and end time for your scheduled live streaming event. Here are some of the reasons:

  • With a scheduled "Live Event" a countdown will be displayed on the channel player embedded on your website, counting down to your scheduled live event. Viewers will be able to see exactly when your live stream begins and when it is scheduled to end.
  • Another reason is that it will allow you to see the exact statistics for the scheduled start and end time of your live event. 
  • Many publishing destinations and platforms, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, iOS and Android mobile apps, Roku and FireTV require to have a live event with a scheduled start and end time in order to display and broadcast a live stream. 
  • If you would like your live stream to be delivered to the largest faith-based social media network www.cross.tv, you would need to create a "Live Event" (and select "Publish this Channel to CROSS.TV in your "Live Channel Info Editor"). 

Here is how you can create a "Live Event":
To create a "Live Event", please log in to your Lightcast.com account and click on the LIVE Channel for which you would like to add a live event. Then click on the green button "Add Live Event" underneath the Live Channel thumbnail. Enter a title, description and a start and end time, and click on "Add Live Event" on the right side for saving it. 

Please also make sure to chose the correct encoder settings for streaming to mobile devices (more on this subject at: www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration).